No matter how flat I go, I can’t ever stop singing!




My megamix of my favourite Mariah Songs! LOL

So anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love singing even when I go flat, out of tune or run out of breath lol! I’ve been working on some new stuff with a friend of mine here in Seoul. On a break after churning out a couple of exciting songs we thought we’d have some fun and play around with some stuff. This is my attempt at mixing some of my fav Mariah jams. Problem is that it’s just recorded on my cell phone, early in the morning so my voice isn’t the best, but it was a tonne of fun!! can’t wait to get our original stuff finished and recorded properly! woohoo!




2 thoughts on “No matter how flat I go, I can’t ever stop singing!”

  1. LOVE IT!
    I am sorry it has been soo long! I finally realised when I went to your page to send you a msg that these were links to your blog. Sorry babe for the DELAYED msg I’m sitting here writing to you while listening to your Mariah mega-mix for the 3rd time in a row! Miss dumb dumb took a while to realise you had to click on the title in order to listen to it! I DO MISS PATTY TIME but I do understand the amount of time needed to get on with the studies. I hope you are enjoying them and the professor that enjoys putting you to sleep has finally picked up his game! I know you kicked butt because of who you are and smarts you have.
    Reading your blogs has been real awesome! Speaking from my own personal thoughts/feelings which your writings have evoked – PATTY YOU HAVE SOME AMAZING TALENT. You’ve made me roll my eyes, cheer you on, get annoyed as well as LOL! I wish that play thing had a replay button – The guitar even Patty! YOU ROCK! Okay so anyway umm yeah – you manage to evoke a variety of feelings in your writings it’s FANTASTIC…are you clicking your fingers as well? Anyway, I know I can txt you but the shortness of the msg is not enough so here’s a long overdue comment and love sharing. I’ll continue to try and keep updated with your blog. Until then, please take care of yourself xx

    1. Thanks so much Ninz, so sorry it took me so long to reply to this message. I’ve been off of my blog recently. I’m in the middle of finals at the moment so I’ll be free soon. But thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve always loved writing but never really explored it much, so I thought that a blog would be a great way to get started! I hope you feel free to comment on anything that I’ve written, I knew that you’d have some strong opinions on some of the things that I’ve written. I hope that you feel free too! And thanks so much for staying up to date with my blog!! Big Alofa’s! Patty! xox

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