“Under the Samoan Sun”

I dream of the ocean,

to sail on the open sea,

to bask in the sunlit glory,

my ancestors gave to me.


I live in a concrete jungle,

covered in fallen, golden leaves,

as the cool winds of winter blow toward me,

My heart sings of my islands;

the place we once called home.


I dream of tropical breezes,

of sweet and tangy delights,

A sky full of glaring stars;

with no need for artificial lights.


I sleep on oriental wood,

masked with plastic lining,

And i chase a dream of fulfillment,

that one day, I hope will lead me;

back under the Samoan sun.


four years I wandered, two more I know I’ll stray,

but always inside, a Samoan heart lays in prey.

It longs to come back,

To be where it truly belongs,

To dance on the ocean,

To sing with the stars,

To leap in the forests,

To dream with the earth;

To live again, once more,

under the Samoan Sun.







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