You can find me in the club…

“Hello world, this is me” LOL so I’ve decided to stay off Facebook for a while and just post updates on here. So I apologise if I don’t contact you on facebook, just means that you have to come to my blog and write me a message or post a comment here! I promise to keep my blog updated from now on family and friends! I won’t deactivate my facebook, because all my posts on here will link up there so you can see if I have posted anything recently! Just don’t comment on the link on facebook because I won’t be reading it lol!

Quick update: I have my last midterm tomorrow and then I’ll be getting stuck into two final papers, a presentation and two final exams that will finish a week or so shy of Christmas. The Korean University schedule is a biarch compared to back home because although I am a graduate student I’m expected to attend every single class. Just one missed class is marked against you. For the first time ever, I haven’t missed a single class in a semester so far. And the semester has been really hard yakka so far.

I still work full time and study full time! It’s been crazy! I’m paying for what I did as an undergrad, but I’m a much better student. I haven’t missed a deadline so far, and I’ve laid quite low from the social scene in case you have been wondering! hehehe, I’m constantly running on empty, the biggest motivator for me though is my family, especially my sister’s, nieces and my Mum who I know are all rooting for me from afar.

Today I suddenly got quite homesick, I’ve had a really rough time lately and I just kept thinking of my sister Laurie, for some reason, my big little sister is always able to set me straight, I can’t wait to have her and my nieces near me again!

But I’ve also been a busy beaver throughout all this stress and I have been working on some side projects. Some of you may have noticed that I created a new tab at the top of my Blog page called “My Media” coming soon will be some of the work that myself and my writing partner have been making lately. It’s been something that has been a release for me in recent times. Obviously this blog is going to be another huge project for me to keep up with, but I’m loving it.

So have a great end to the week everyone, I’m gonna get some sleep and hope that tomorrow goes well.

Alofa tele atu!


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