It’s raining A’s

So I survived my first semester back at graduate school. It was a hard road, a really hard road. Most people didn’t know that I was studying full time in the morning, and working full time in the evening as well as working part time on the weekends. A lot of people, who I will not name said to me that I was crazy, some people even had the audacity to tell me that I was neglecting my friends, I’m like GTFOH you have no idea what it has been like sleeping less than 5hours a night, if I was lucky and still having to work. It’s called doing what you gotta do, so I’ll ask those people not to judge me anymore. Because as you can see my first semester at SNU was an overwhelming success, more successful than any other semester I ever undertook.

I realise now that I am a very capable individual, stronger than even I give me credit for. And when I saw my final result come in, I felt vindicated. All those times I turned down peoples invitations to go out drinking, or go to another party, I’m not in that headspace anymore. If I don’t choose to come it’s not because I don’t appreciate you as a friend, it’s because Im in a different space now. I was intermittent on FB last semester so that I could look at these results and feel proud. So sorry if you felt neglected, but it was never personal. And just because I’m moving to Itaewon, I’m sorry that’s not going to change. It’s time for me to be a big kid now lol

Conversely, thank you to everyone else who sent me messages of encouragement and support, who bothered to see if I was still breathing haha, brought me food, called me, kakao’d me. It was really heartwarming when things were getting really tough. I have to thank my Korean friends Sunny and Bryan for all of their support during the whole semester, and all the work they did to try and get me in to SNU, also constantly checking to see if I was ok. I hope I can continue to repay your kindness with success!!

It has been an amazing start to my academic rebirth or so to speak and may it continue. Thank you God for pulling me through, I owe all of this to you, you gave me the strength to overcome all the challenges this semester. I care not for all those who doubted me. Because I know with your guidance I can achieve anything. And the Lord made it rain, he made it rain A’s for me just as I had prayed and worked for! Happy New Year!



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