A New Zealander with a Samoan heart. I was born and raised in South Auckland, a place where the picture post card image of New Zealand never represented. My upbringing was hard, I like a lot of other Pacific Island children of my generation were part of the lowest socio-economic group in New Zealand. I navigated the trials and tribulations of a culture being intertwined with the West, we all went to the school of hard knocks and we were never handed anything on a platter. I’ve worked for everything I have.  The one thing my upbringing never lacked however was discipline and love. I have a loving family, and friends who I consider my family. I have been continually blessed by amazing people in my life.

In 2008 I made the astonishing and scary move of giving up on graduate school in Auckland and throwing caution to the wind by moving to Korea. It would turn out to be the single most important decision I had ever made. Life had become stale in New Zealand I had fallen into a rut. After 3 years of teaching and enjoying my life in Korea, undergoing major transformations both physically and mentally I have made the tough but necessary decision to go back to University. This time at Seoul National University in Korea. Korea’s number one University and one of the top Universities in the world. This journey is going to be tough. I currently work full time and will continue to do so when University starts.

This Blog is a gift to my family and friends who can not walk this journey with me. As a Samoan, we believe in supporting each other through all the hard times. Being with your family no matter what. With no immediate family around me it’s going to be difficult because I know they will all worry about me. But I give this to you and also gift this to me. A chance to document a journey that will hopefully lead me to my future and destiny.

** UPDATE ** January 9th 2015

Well people, I made it. I graduated last year with my master’s degree in international studies with a focus on international cooperation.

I had a corneal transplant, was forced to take a year off from studies, but I made it. I lost 60 kilos, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years, and there’s a new dream now. As ofJanuary 2015, I’m awaiting notification from a few doctorate programs that I applied to in the United States. I’m hoping to my PhD in political science or ethnic studies beginning Fall 2015. Prayers and hopes are more than welcome and greatly appreciated on this. I’ll keep you updated on this soon.

I’ll keep you updated on this soon.  So I’m hoping to start the next part of my journey very soon.

I can’t believe that I started this blog in 2011, and well, I haven’t been the best at keeping this updated. However, as the end for my time in Korea draws nearer, I’m hoping to document a lot more of my experiences here and keep active on this blog in the future.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my often strange and incoherent musings, I appreciate that there are those that find my writing interesting enough to provide fodder for interesting points of discussion 🙂

fa’afetai tele lava


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Patrick, this is most articulate and well argued Pacific viewpoint (on any issue) I have read on Facebook. Well done. Uesifili

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