My Media

Make sure you listen to these with earphones and blast the volume, the recording level isn’t the best especially on the acoustic songs!

‘Addicted To You’

Written by Patrick Thomsen and Pounamu Joyce

Vocals by Patrick Thomsen, Music by Pounamu Joyce

– our first go at songwriting, didn’t do so bad me thinks, the production is pretty shoddy cause it was just off of my comp. And I did all the mixing which is why it’s still a bit rough, but I’m really enjoying this new found hobby of mine! well rediscovered hobby of mine! More to come guys!

As a kid I always loved this song, and I know that my sister Laurie did too! I’ve always wanted to try and do a male version of the song, why? because I like to sing lol! But anyway, I recorded this a while ago with my good friend Pounamu, this is very rough, she just listened to the song and started popping out the chords! pretty cool huh, so in the middle of my study period, I thought I’d just post this. Hope you enjoy my take on this Mariah classic!!

Song is recorded on my phone, so best to listen to it with earphones! ok I better get back to study!

Here is a fun little number that Pounamu just put together because we wanted to have a little jam, it’s a megamix of Mariah songs to four chords LOL!! me being random! The volume is particularly bad on this one!


3 thoughts on “My Media”

  1. Niall told me about this yesterday at brekky! IT IS FANTASTIC PATTY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! FABULOUS PATTY! Keep up your awesome work! CANNOT wait to hear MORE! MWAAAAAH!

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