Welcome to the debut of my Polyfabulous section of my blog, Here each week I’ll be posting links to video’s that showcase the unique talents of my polynesian people. This week, I thought that seeing it’s the first time that I’ll be featuring a talented polynesian, that I might as well feature someone close to me. How bout my Uncle? close enough I guess. My Uncle is a very successful designer in New Zealand and this was a piece that the television show, Pacific Beat Street did on his work. And how fitting that they did it at my little house where I grew up! enjoy!


Here is a wonderful resource for all of you aspiring Polynesia historians or those who want to have a peek at the past. Ignore the commentators tone of superiority, I’ve heard a lot worse in other videos. But this is just a beautiful source of information for us today.

Well How can we NOT have this up here!! A not so Poly-fabulous moment at the netball, where the Samoan national anthem was given the butcher’s treatment a couple of days ago! Malo Fiji! haha


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